好久沒看Liam的消息了,看了一篇他最近的一篇訪談,內容提到了他的新樂隊「Beady Eye」、還有Pretty Green新店開幕的消息、他參與製作的電影和綠洲到底會不會重組等事情…

Liam果然做任何事情都有超級無比的自信阿! 可是居然斬釘截鐵的宣布Oasis永遠不可能重組… 這是叫我們歌迷情何以堪阿阿阿!!!



Liam Gallagher Says There Will Be No Oasis Reunion

Liam Gallagher has told Sky News his new band’s album will be the “the best record you’ll hear for the next 50 years". The former Oasis star made the bold claim at the launch of the first store dedicated to his best-selling clothing range Pretty Green, in London’s famous fashion-mecca Carnaby Street.
Liam對Sky News說,他的新樂隊專輯將會是接下來50年內你所聽過最棒的一張! 綠洲的明星主唱在位於倫敦知名的時尚街中,他第一間自創品牌的店開幕時,做出了這樣自信的宣言。

“Everything we do isn’t a flash in the pan otherwise there’s no point in doing it," Gallagher told Sky News. “I’m not here to sell papers or get a little headline, but if we’re gonna do something we are gonna do it proper, whether it’s music, film, clothes, drink or whatever it is. We don’t fart about."
「每一件我們所做的事都不會只是曇花一現,否則那就沒有意義了。」Liam對Sky News說。「我在這裡不是賣些報紙還是只為了登上一些標題,我們要做這些事就會全力以赴,不管這是音樂、電影、衣服、酒還是什麼,我們很重視。」

Liam’s new band Beady Eye – which features his Oasis bandmates Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock – have been hard at work on their debut album. All the songs have been recorded now, but it will still be some time before they are unveiled to the fans.
Liam的新樂隊Beady Eye - 是以綠洲團員們組成,Gem Archer, Andy Bell 和 Chris Sharrock - 非常努力的製作他們的首張專輯。所有的歌曲現在都已經錄製完成,但還需一些時間才能呈現給歌迷。

“It’s not gonna be out until next year, " Liam explained. “We’ll probably get a single out October or November, and there’s no point in doing gigs if people haven’t heard the music. I’m looking forward to it."

Liam says Beady Eye will have a similar Beatles vibe to Oasis, but he is also been heavily influenced by T-Rex, and bizarrely notorious rock ‘n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis.
Liam說Beady Eye會有些類似Beatles和Oasis的感覺,但它也大量的受到T-Rex和搖滾怪胎 Jerry Lee Lewis的影響。

“Without a doubt!" Liam shouts when I mention Lewis’ name. “We have this tune and it was a bit Rolling Stones, and I didn’t like it. It was slow and boring." “So we just got on a piano and ****** it up, Jerry Lee style, and stuck a John Lennon vocal on the top. It’s good."
「不要懷疑!!」Liam大叫,當我提及Lewis的名字時。「我們有這首旋律,而且它有點Rolling Stones的味道,可是我不喜歡,它又慢又無趣。」「所以我們搭配上了鋼琴然後故意搞爛它! 所以它有Jerry Lee的風格,結合John Lennon的聲音。很棒!」

Some sneery critics might have been cynical when Liam announced he was launching his own fashion label, but its been a massive success. The Carnaby Street store is currently just a temporary Pop-up, meaning it will not live forever of course. Although if it’s a success, more permanent dedicated Pretty Green stores will be opened in the capital, as well as Manchester, of course, and Scotland.
一些尖酸的評論家也許曾經嘲笑Liam宣布要創立他自己的流行品牌,但無庸置疑的他已取得巨大的成功。Carnaby Street的店已經出現在眾人之前,或許只是短暫的,意思是指它未來也許不會永遠的存在。雖然成功了,有更多的理想促使Pretty Green之後在大城市開店,像是Manchester,當然還有Scotland。

Meanwhile, Gallagher’s mate Paul Weller is just about to help co-develop some new designs, which seems apt as the name Pretty Green comes from a Jam song.
在那段期間,Liam找了Paul Weller幫忙一起發展一些新的設計,而且似乎有可能Pretty Green名字構想就來自於Jam的一首歌。

Liam is also keen to move into women’s clothing, though not in a literal sense of course.
“I have my fair share of women’s clothes on the weekend," he laughs, “it’s nothing new for me. But yeah, we might do a few bits and pieces.
“We’re definitely doing some kids stuff man. I’d like to get my kid looking as cool as me. And maybe our Kid (his brother Noel) could get some cos he’s a little fella isn’t he."
「我們很明確地要做一些小孩的東西。我想要我的孩子看起來跟我一樣屌,也許our Kid(他老哥Noel)可以買一些,因為他就是個小鬼,不是嗎!」


Actually before the mention of Noel, it is easy to forget Liam’s former band given how many other projects he is involved in right now. But do not go thinking they are about to ‘do a Take That’ and get back together soon.
“We won’t be back by the end of the year," Gallagher laughs.
事實上在提及Noel之前,很容易就忘掉Liam的前樂隊給了他多少被他搞砸的計畫。但別想他們可以像Take That一樣馬上又重新復團。

“The only reason why Oasis will come back is when we’re ****** skint and I’m far from skint as you can tell and I wont be skint for a long, long ****** time believe me, it ain’t gonna be happening."
「只有一個原因會讓Oasis重新歸隊,那就是當我們窮到爆而且沒名氣的時候! 但我離這樣的情形還有一大段距離就像你看到的,而且我他媽的還有一段很長很長很長的時間才會如此,相信我! 這根本就不會發生。」

So there is no Oasis reunion then, but Liam is getting to indulge his Beatles obsession in another way by entering the world of movie-making. He has been helping produce a new feature film based on the book The Longest Cocktail Party, which told the story of the rise and decline of the Fab Four’s company Apple Corps in the late 1960s. He will not act in it, but will help make the soundtrack, and by all accounts, it is a labour of real love.
所以之後不會看到Oasis的復團,但是Liam現在正沉溺在自己對Beatles著魔情緒中,在另一方面也同時進入電影製作的世界中。他已經幫忙製作一個很有特色的新片,劇情基於一本名為The Longest Cocktail Party的書,故事訴說Fab Four’s company Apple Corps在1960年代的興衰起落。他不會參與演出,但他會幫忙製作電影配樂,而根據消息,這是部關於工人的真愛的電影。

“It’s a good book and we can’t balls it up now so the heat is on," says Liam.
“I’m more worried about getting that book right than getting the clothes right, and my record right. I’m not gonna be in the film but I’m worried about getting it right cos it’s other people’s lives."


森克 譯

點選 here 閱讀Liam的訪談原文.

Source: http://www.sky.com


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    我有看過! 可是我忘了在哪個網站了,沒有特別記下來…

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  3. >阿林
    超期待Beady Eye的專輯的!
    兩兄弟的新聞一向是頭條阿 XD

  4. 真是越來越期待Beady Eye的專輯了 不過還是希望兩兄弟合好啊!(這將變成頭條!!!)

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    Little By Little 唱這首歌演唱者不是Liam Gallagher是嗎??

    我剛剛接觸Oasis所以對這團還不是很了解。但我聽完stop crying you heart out、stand by me、supersonic發現Little By Little 不是主唱的聲音!!


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    對嘛對嘛! 他們是兄弟耶!! 我也不知道他爸媽在幹嘛,不過他們都那麼大了,也管不動了吧~

  21. 我也覺得他們未來會複合,可能明年,可能後年,可能你孩子出生之後。總之,連pinkfloyd的glimour和waters中間的心結都可以在幾十年後解開一起演出,更何況是血濃於水的兄弟啊~!話說~他們的爸媽都不會幫他們調解嗎??

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  25. 我覺得在不久的將來還是有可能會復合 這是我自己的看法 或許堅持不用Oasis原團名來發片是對頭子的致敬吧
    不過我是滿想聽聽Beady Eye是怎樣的音樂



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