內容中有提到「ludic dreaming」 ,似乎是「清醒夢」的意思,是人在夢境中卻能保持清醒的體驗,還蠻詭異的。




Monday, March 5, 2007

Singer Brett Anderson burst on to the indie scene in the early 1990s with his band Suede.Since then he’s battled drug addiction, split with Suede, formed The Tears, split with them and has now launched a solo career. He plays London’s Bush Hall this week. His self-titled album is out on March 26, preceded by single Love is Dead next Monday.
Brett Anderson和他曾經所屬的樂隊Suede於九零年初期造成很大的流行。從他開始與藥物的對抗,和Suede分裂,接著成立The Tears,最終仍走向分裂。但如今他開始了一人的solo生涯。這禮拜他將在倫敦Bush Hall演出,而他的個人同名專輯將在3/26發行,首打單曲<Love Is Dead>於下星期一發行。

Q: Is it a relief not to have to work with other people any more?

A: I like the responsibility and freedom of a solo career. I wouldn’t describe it as a relief because that implies I didn’t like working with other people.
There comes a point in your career as a musician when you feel capable enough to work on your own. It’s inevitable and almost a cliche but I’m not bothered because I’m happy to be making the sort of music I want to make. I’m not sure if I’d ever want to make. I’m not sure if I’d ever want to join a band again.

Q: Do you listen to your old songs?

A: Sometimes. I don’t sit there and listen to them obsessively but if a Suede song comes on my iPod, I really enjoy listening to it.
We did some good stuff — it was quality work. The tracks I’m proudest of are ones you wouldn’t even know. Most of the b-sides are very good.
I always thought we had a lot of breadth to what we did but the casual punter didn’t realise that because they just heard our singles, which tended to be these flash, anthemic guitar things.
我們製作了一些很棒的歌曲 — 那是質感很棒的作品。這些歌曲我自己很滿意,你們不一定曾聽過。大部分的B-sides其實都很不錯。我總想說,對我們過去所做的作品有很大的期盼,但是年輕人卻不去體會。因為他們只聽了我們的精選輯,往往只偏好這些亮眼大家稱讚的吉他事情。

Q: What Suede songs are you sick of?

A: There’s nothing that will put you off a song more than making a video for it and having to listen to it 1,000 times a day. There’s a song called Stay Together which I’m not that fond of. It doesn’t do anything for me but people seem to like it. You can’t release records for 15 years without finding bits that you don’t really love. It would be false and weird and deceitful to say everything I’ve done has been brilliant but as a body of work, it’s good.
沒有一件事會讓你討厭一首歌多過於製作一部MV,而且你還必須在一天內聽它個1000次。有首歌叫<Stay Together>我不太喜歡,它沒有帶給我什麼意義,但大家似乎很喜歡它。你不能在專輯發行了15年之後還沒發現你真的不愛的地方。這很虛假的說出每一件事,我已經達成曾經輝煌過,做這樣的工作,感覺很好。

Q: The new single is called Love Is Dead. Do you have a miserable outlook on life?
新單曲叫做<Love Is Dead>,你有一個悲慘的人生觀?

A: I wouldn’t want to put it in such simplistic terms. Love Is Dead is a bleak, lonely song but there is something empowering about realising life is very lonely. Sitting there and putting a fake smile on and saying everything’s going to be all right — there’s something really false about that. Embracing the bleak loneliness of life is empowering. The song is about the moments when you walk down the street and don’t think anybody cares about you.
我不想讓這首歌含意過於簡單化。<Love Is Dead>是一首淒涼且孤獨的歌,裡面有些強烈的表達關於認清生活是非常孤獨的。坐在那裏,擠出一個虛假的笑容,然後說出每一件事都會很好 — 有些事確實就不對。環繞在生活上的淒涼孤寂感是強烈的。這首歌是有關於某些時刻,當你走在街上,想著沒有任何人關心你。

Q: Do you get that a lot?

A: I’m a human being. Human beings generally feel lonely whether they admit it or not.

Q: Your cover of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful was a hit on YouTube. What else do you have in common? Do you wear chaps?
你翻唱Christina Aguilera的歌曲在Youtube上很熱門。你對此有什麼意見? 你穿皮褲嗎?

A: What are chaps? [Metro explains]. Oh, that’s a far too personal question. I’m not answering it. Anyway, I didn’t cover her songs, it’s a song written by Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera just perfomed it. I don’t think of songs in terms of personalities, I think of them as pieces of music and lyrics. I thought it was a powerful sentiment and beautifully written.
什麼是chaps? 噢,這太私人的問題了,我不會回答這問題。總之,我沒有翻唱她任何的歌曲,這首歌是Linda Perry所寫的。Christina Aguilera只是演奏它。我不會去想歌曲是誰的,我只會想著它是音樂和歌詞的結合。我認為這首歌有著強大的情感和美麗的編曲。

Q: Do you put your own shelves up?

A: I put some blinds up yesterday — I spent the whole day with a drill. I like doing things like that. When you’ve been in a band for a long time you become used to people doing things for you. Recently I’ve taken control of my life, so it’s nice to wrestle with an electric drill and go around Homebase.
我昨天裝了一些窗帘 — 我花了整天時間和鑽孔機相處。我喜歡做這樣的事情,當你在一個樂隊中很長一段時間,會讓你變成習慣別人讓幫你做事情。最近我已經重新掌控自己的生活,使勁的使用電動鑽孔機是很棒的事。

Q: Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?

A: I don’t know what that is but I can do ludic dreaming, where you dictate the path of your dreams by confusing your subconscious. It’s fascinating.

Q: What sort of things do you dream about?

A: You can imagine. It’s rather X-rated. It’s a lot of fun, though, let me tell you.

Q: What’s the best thing about coming from Haywards Heath?
關於你來自Haywards Heath,最棒的事是什麼?

A: There’s absolutely nothing good about coming from Haywards Heath. The best thing is leaving it. I’m proud of my upbringing — I was brought up in a poor house that valued music and art more than money. I’m proud of that but I’m not proud of the actual physical place I’m from.
來自Haywards Heath完全沒有什麼很好的事,最棒的事就是離開它。我很自豪我在那出生 — 我從小在一間貧困的房子長大,音樂和藝術的價值大過於金錢。我很自豪這些事,但是我不會對於我來自於Haywards Heath而感到自豪。

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    因為停留在首頁,可以 “一次" 看到" 兩張" 老頭的照片呀~
    誰說女人不是視覺的動物呢?? 8) 我們也很難拒絕帥哥耶!!

    話說回來,好像應該要感激 Brett 這方面的沉淪嘛?! (我這樣講,好像很機車了點~~ 嘿嘿 😛 )

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    這兩篇新文章 Brett 好帥唷~~~
    看到照片都捨不得點進去(還沒看內文),哈哈~ 8)

    PS:沒想到他真的有drug addiction…



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