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另外根據太陽報的消息,Andy Bell和他女朋友也和Liam一起出遊。很想大罵髒話的是,太陽報很故意的寫:「Clearly, Andy is taking Liam’s side in the split.




Liam Gallagher Escapes To Lake Como After Oasis Split

Liam Gallagher sails away from the storm surrounding Oasis’s shock split – on an impromptu holiday in Italy.
Liam遠離綠洲分裂的風暴 - 到了義大利科莫湖。

After his guitarist brother Noel stormed out on Friday, saying he could no longer work with Liam, the 36-year-old frontman flew to the swish resort of Lake Como.

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Why Oasis Split ?

Oasis split because Noel Gallagher never forgave brother Liam for jokingly suggesting he was not the real dad of daughter Anais.
Oasis分裂的緣由是因為Noel Gallagher再也無法饒恕他的兄弟Liam開玩笑的暗示他不是女兒Anais的親生老爹。

Noel flew at his brother after the comment about nine-year-old Anais – his daughter by ex-wife Meg Matthews.
Noel在他兄弟說完那些有關他女兒和前妻Meg Matthews的事之後整個發怒。

Liam insisted it was meant as a joke, but Noel could never forget the insult, calling it “unforgivable".

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A witness in the Oasis camp said: “It all kicked off after a few jibes were thrown back and forward between them. It got totally out of hand very quickly and all the pent-up anger just exploded.

“Noel has been so mild-mannered and above it all, but everyone has a breaking point.

“The fight was split up quickly but Liam smashed up one of Noel’s guitars to make his point.



28 August 2009

“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

“Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan."
對買了Paris, Konstanz 和 Milan的門票的人感到很抱歉。




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Oasis Announce First-Ever Gig In Taiwan

Oasis are set to make their debut appearance in Taiwan after announcing today that they will play Taiwan World Trade Centre Nangang in Taipei City on Friday 3rd April.

The gig is part of their forthcoming Asian tour that which kicks off in Nagoya, Japan on 18th March and includes sold out dates in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There is a Pre-Sale party at Hua Sheng Culture Park Middle One Hall A between 11am and 7pm this Saturday (March 14th). Tickets then go on General Sale on Sunday 15th March through ERA ticket outlets and www.ticket.com.tw

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis’ new single ‘Falling Down’ is available to download on March 8th and in stores March 9th, click here to pre-order the single.

太夢幻了! 居然在Oasis官網出現臺灣!!





這個興奮程度破表的好消息,昨天已經在全台灣音樂迷中迅速流傳開來! 已經讓綠洲迷第二天的暈眩!! (倒)

現在請大家快點準備好接機的工具、欲簽名的唱片、球衣、相機! 非常非常有可能 4月3日,我們就能和夢想中的綠洲大咖們見面了!



下面是巡迴的歌單! (算是個小雷,如果不想破壞演唱會驚喜的話,可以不要點選閱讀更多,想看的就點吧!),OK,請大家耐心等待官方正式公佈,另一方面也加緊練習吧!!!

現在心裡面想到那兩兄弟要站在我面前唱歌,我已經發瘋了!!!!! ohhhhhhh

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呼~our kid一下子寫了三首歌,天阿!真夠讓我期待的!不過好希望Andy大叔能多寫一點,好可惜…只納入一首在新專輯。最好是專輯能有20首歌,哈哈哈,太貪心了~


Edith: Oasis album’s a belter

THE new OASIS album is on the horizon and Radio 1 DJ EDITH BOWMAN has been given a sneak listen. Her verdict? It’s the best thing they’ve produced in years.
綠洲的新專輯即將發行,BBC Radio 1 的 DJ EDITH BOWMAN 發表她私下試聽的感想:「這會是他們今年最棒的事情哩。」

In this month’s Clash magazine she says: “They are back and on total firing form. There are six NOEL GALLAGHER tracks, three from LIAM GALLAGHER and one each from GEM ARCHER and ANDY BELL and they are all huge.

“The first single really reminded me of when I heard stuff like Rock ’n’ Roll Star and Supersonic for the first time. Liam has properly acquired the title of great songwriter and Noel just kicks ass on guitar and vocals.
「新專輯的首支單曲讓我回想到我當初聽到像是《Rock ’n’ Roll Star》和《Supersonic》的感覺。Liam也已經完全成為偉大的寫歌者,而Noel在吉他和演唱上也是超酷!」

“We forget how great a band they are. And no matter how many people try, there really is only one Liam — he’s a proper legend. Get excited ’cos it will blow you away.”
「我們已經忘了他們是多棒的樂隊。而不管有多少人嘗試過,Liam是唯一無可取代的 — 他完全就是一個傳奇。超讓人興奮的,因為新專輯將把你們炸到天邊去!」

Baby Bowman must have liked what he heard as well and couldn’t wait to get out and have a proper listen.

Edith and EDITORS frontman TOM SMITH are celebrating the arrival of RUDY BRAE BOWMAN SMITH. Both mum and baby are said to be doing well.

Well done CHRIS MOYLES — sorry, Tom…



7 May 2008

A number of old Oasis songs have appeared on the internet amidst claims that the band’s new album has leaked.

The songs are actually all old demos from previous sessions and well informed fans will have known that these tracks have been in circulation for some time. In fact, most are versions of songs that have already been released.

None of the songs are from sessions for the band’s new studio album.



  Orz… 所以我該開心還是憂慮呢?

  綠洲能不能再整理一次b-sides專輯呀… 好歌是不能被埋沒的…